Italian cheeses: 5 most popular
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Pizzeria Calvino in Trapani in Sicily
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Time for real Italian pizza: 7 best recipes at home (part 2)
“Four Seasons” This recipe will become especially popular in those houses where each family member has their own particular taste preferences. This view was invented many centuries ago and still…

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Restaurant Adhok

Italy, Rome, Via di Ripetta, 43 00186 Roma, Italy SHOW ON MAP Average bill: 50-100 $ (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean + (39 06) 323 30 Mon-Sun 19: 00-24 : 00
The restaurant in Rome is located in the historical center of the city on Via di Ripetta, not far from Plaza de España.

Hospitable cozy place for special occasions. The menu includes dishes of Roman and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to the regular menu, the restaurant offers a tasting menu. It presents several options for tasting sets: meat, fish, truffle, dessert and handmade pasta set. The dishes have already been selected wines that blend perfectly with the dishes included in the set. In this case, the price per set will be higher. The average price for a set is 70 €.

Excellent bread is baked in the restaurant, while meat delicacies and cheeses ripen in the cellar. The wine list has about 700 labels. Tips for choosing a drink from this variety will give a professional sommelier.

We recommend reserving a table in this restaurant in Rome.
Restaurant La Sidreria

Italy, Milan, Via Arcangelo Corelli, 31 20134 Milano, Italia SHOW ON MAP Average bill: $ 20-50 (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian + (39 02) 749 60 Mon-Fri 19: 00-24: 00
Cider has long been produced in northern Italy. This low-alcohol drink made from natural apple juice is in no way inferior to dry grape wine in the amount of nutrients and the degree of beneficial effect on health.

Sidreria in Milan is a mental institution where the tables are always occupied by Milanese who want to drink a glass or two of tart, light apple drink with a bright fruity aroma. The menu in the restaurant is quite small and changes every month. It contains several items: appetizers, main course, dessert. All dishes are prepared according to traditional Milanese recipes. The price for dinner is fixed – 25 €.

Sidreria in Milan is one of the best places to have dinner with friends.
Restaurant Antica Torretta
Antica torretta

Italy, Verona, Piazza Broilo, 1, 37121 Verona VR, Italy DISPLAY ON MAP Average bill: 50-100 $ (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian, sea + (39 045) 801 52 Mon-Sun 12: 00- 15:00, 19: 15-23: 00
Antica Torretta Restaurant specializes in Italian dishes. Here you can order delicacies such as ravioli stuffed with king crab, Brulee custard from foie gras, crispy octopus in green sauce, venison fillet, tiramisu with chocolate cream and much more. The menu can be found on the website. The wine list contains more than one hundred items. Prices are high.

The restaurant is located in the very center of the city, near the cathedral. Visitors can sit in one of the three rooms or on the summer terrace. A feature of one of the halls is the open kitchen, where through the glass visitors can watch how this or that dish is being prepared. The service is very fast and friendly.

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