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Restaurant Markog


Italy, Rome, Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 56 Roma, Italy SHOW ON MAP Average bill: $ 20-50 (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian + (39 06) 580 92 Mon, Wed-Sun 19: 00-24: 00 Tue – day off
The restaurant in Rome is located in the charming Trastevere district, next to the Gianicolo Park. In this hospitable establishment, the owner himself meets the guests and helps them determine the choice of dishes and drinks. The restaurant serves traditional Italian cuisine. MarcoG chefs use seasonal products to prepare their meals.

The menu offers a wide variety of fish and seafood dishes: assorted seafood, pickled salmon, grilled tuna with vegetables, fish dumplings and others. We recommend trying Carbonara spaghetti with slices of salted pork cheeks and egg sauce, Parmesan cheese and pepper, as well as gnocchi with Gorgonzola cheese sauce.Of the meat offers, steaks and chicken stewed with pepper deserve attention.

The perfect conclusion to the dinner will be the Tiramisu dessert and a stack of cool Limoncello sunny liquor.
Restaurant La Nduya
La nduja

Italy, Rome, Piazza di Santa Maria Consolatrice, 1, 00159 Roma, Lazio, Italy DISPLAY ON MAP Average bill: $ 20-50 (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian + (39 06) 437 00
A welcoming establishment near the city center. Here you will be warmly welcomed by the owners of the restaurant and will offer a menu that focuses on traditional dishes of the Italian region of Calabria. This region has long been famous for its cold and hot meat dishes.

This restaurant in Rome offers assorted Calabrian meat specialties, of which the traditional La Nduja salami is an indispensable component. The menu also has cod, eggplant rolls, stuffed peppers, common in Calabria. The pasta at La Nduja is made by cooks manually. Options for pasta with seafood and meat are presented. The final step in the preparation of some types of pasta is to place it in a bowl from the head of Parmesan cheese, so that the dish acquires an unusual aroma and a rich authentic Italian taste. And in two wood-fired ovens, excellent thin-crust pizza is baked.

The restaurant has its own wine cellar, which stores good Italian dry wines.
Restaurant Algiubagio

Italy, Venice, Fondamenta Nuove, Sestiere Cannaregio, 5039 30121 Venezia, Italia SHOW ON MAP Average bill: 50-100 $ (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian + (39 041) 523 60
This Venice restaurant is located on the lagoon in the Cannareggio area. Algiubagio is an institution for special occasions. A candlelight dinner on the open terrace of the restaurant above the lagoon will be one of the most precious memories of the time spent in fabulous Venice.

The chefs of the restaurant amaze guests with exquisite cuisine and original presentation of dishes. For appetizer, tuna tartar with wasabi and honey, shrimps with Balsamico sauce, scallops, assorted raw fish, beef carpaccio and Parma ham are served. For the first guests, they offer Primavera spaghetti with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, seafood ravioli, green pasta with lobster and marjoram, pasta with tuna and olives. As the main dish, we recommend trying beef cooked in a variety of ways: in sweet and sour sauce, with gorgonzola cheese and vodka and other extravagant options.

Before desserts from Algiubagio you can not resist. Do not deprive yourself of pleasure – try Tiramisu, lemon sorbet with basil, creme brulee, walnut cake with orange cream or flambe pancakes with strawberries and dark chocolate.

The prices in the restaurant are high, to match the haute cuisine, high level of service and high enjoyment of lunch or dinner in the hospitable Venetian restaurant “Algiubagio”.

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