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Coffee Shop Tatsa Di Oro Coffee

Italy, Rome, Via degli Orfani, 00186 Roma, Lazio, Italy DISPLAY ON MAP Average bill: up to $ 20 (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian + (39 06) 678 97 92www.tazzadorocoffeeshop.com Mon-Sun 07: 00-20: 00
The coffee shop in Rome is literally a stone’s throw from the Pantheon (facing the temple, you must turn to the coffee house to the right and walk about 150 meters).

Behind the counter of this small cafe there are always a lot of people. Mostly these are the Romans. They stand drinking a cup of divine coffee and set off on business. It is easy to understand the fidelity of the inhabitants of the Eternal City to this institution: fresh coffee grains are roasted directly in the coffee house and the signature mixture “La Regina dei Caffe” is created from them. The traditions of roasting coffee beans in place and composing from them a unique bouquet of taste and aroma were laid down from the first years of work Tazza D’Oro Coffee, which opened in 1946. Since then, little has changed in the coffee shop: just like many decades ago, in a small coffee bar, excellent espresso and cappuccino are brewed from freshly brewed coffee beans and served to guests waiting at the counter.

First you need to pay for the drink at the box office, and give the check to the baristasis (bartenders) with a counter that will prepare for you espresso, cappuccino and coffee granite with whipped plums (Granita dei caffe panna). The prices here are no higher than in other coffee houses and coffee bars: a cup of espresso will cost no more than one euro. If you sit at the tables by the cafe, you will have to pay a little more.

In the coffee shop you can buy freshly brewed branded coffee (beans and ground), chocolate-covered coffee beans and coffee liqueur.
Coffee house Torrefacione Costa Rica

Italy, Venice, Cannaregio, 1337 30121 Venezia, Italia SHOW ON MAP Average bill: up to $ 20 (per person) Type of cuisine: cafe + (39 041) 171 63 71 mon-sat 07: 00-19: 30
This Venice coffee shop is next to the Cannaregio fruit market. You can easily find this place thanks to the aroma of freshly roasted coffee that comes from the cafe.

The coffee shop was opened in 1930. Then there was installed a roaster for roasting coffee beans. A delicious drink made with the signature coffee blend soon won the hearts of the Venetians.

Today, little has changed at Torrefazione Costarica: grains are also roasted on the spot, excellent coffee is brewed and the signature coffee blend is sold. You can’t sit in a cafe for a long time – there are only a few tables. But it’s worth a look for a cup of one of the best coffee in the city.

A cup of espersso will cost no more than 0.90 €.
Pizzeria Agora

Italy, about. Sicily, Piazza Currò 1-2 95121 Catania, ItaliaSHOW ON MAP Average bill: $ 20-50 (per person) Type of cuisine: pizza + (39 095) 72 230 10
A visit to the Agora restaurant will be a real adventure for you: the restaurant is located in a cave through which an underground river flows.

A separate menu in the restaurant is dedicated to pizza. The restaurant serves more than 15 types of pizza for every taste. Pay attention to the spicy pizza with cheese “Gorgonzola” – Italian blue cheese made from cow’s milk. In addition to pizza, the restaurant is famous for couscous dishes: with vegetables, meat, chicken and fish. Pasta in the restaurant is made by hand and served with seafood and vegetables. Guests who prefer meat will enjoy meat assortment of veal, sausages and chicken.

The service at the restaurant in Sicily is excellent. Friendly waiters will help to determine the order and will do everything to make dinner in Agora pleasant.

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