Parmesan pasta pizza

Restaurant Gallo Cedrone
Italy, about. Sicily, Via Alcide de Gasperi, 34 98030 Castelmola ME, ItalySHOW ON MAP Average bill: $ 20-50 (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian + (39 094) 263 20 45…

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The best regions of Italy for wine connoisseurs
Italy is a country with a very long winemaking tradition. Italians claim that the first vine appeared in the country around 1000 BC, therefore, Italian winemaking has been more than…

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Culinary Guide to Italy. Part I. Northern Italy
Italian culinary traditions have evolved over the centuries, absorbing elements of Greek, Arabic and Northern European cuisine, as well as neighboring France, Austria, Switzerland and the Balkans. Therefore, do not…

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Cafe Babylon

A cafe in Rome is located in the marvelous Transtevere district, opposite the Squaranta e Pasquale Baylon church.

Babylon – a democratic institution, under the roof of which fits a coffee shop, pastry shop, restaurant, cocktail bar, a platform for musicians, a work area, a furniture show room. Cafe in Rome is very popular among young people.

From six in the morning, continental breakfasts are prepared for guests here: scrambled eggs with bacon, toast, juice and coffee. Here at noon you can drop in for a buffet brunch, in the afternoon – eat ice cream or a refreshing fruit cocktail, in the evening – have dinner or spend time in the bar, enjoying live music concerts. Continue reading

Italian restaurants – simple and tasteful

Italy is generally considered one of the unsurpassed countries because of its color, its cuisine, its traditions, its temperament, fiery music, the smell of freedom and the mixing of moods.

All Italians have a passion for life in their traditional menu. Therefore, restaurants in Italy rightfully carry the title of the best on the Mediterranean coast, attracting the attention of tourists. At first glance, Italian cuisine is simple, since it is mainly used in the preparation of vegetables, cheese and dough. But on how many dishes can be prepared from these simple ingredients, the restaurant’s eyes widen. Continue reading

Time for real Italian pizza: 7 best recipes at home (part 2)

“Four Seasons” This recipe will become especially popular in those houses where each family member has their own particular taste preferences. This view was invented many centuries ago and still you can find such pizza in any classic pizzeria. The peculiarity of this recipe is in a subtle combination of several tastes at once. Therefore, for cooking, we need: pickled artichokes, salami, cherry tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, fresh champignons, bell pepper, ketchup, egg. We spread rolled dough on a baking sheet, greased with vegetable oil. Apply ketchup with a thin layer and make small cuts on the circle of our future pizza. We should get four identical sectors. Boil the hard-boiled egg and cut it into small pieces. Fill the first sector of our pizza with chopped egg and mushrooms (which we also pre-chop). The second sector is filled with artichokes and whole olives. In the next sector, we spread the sausage, cut into thin slices and bell pepper, which should also be cut into small pieces. The last sector is filled with cheese and tomatoes, cut in half. Sprinkle all the ingredients with grated cheese, add pepper, salt and herbs to taste. Continue reading

Time for real Italian pizza: 7 best recipes at home (part 1)

Birth Story If you go to Italy for real pizza, you can be a little disappointed. This dish, firmly entrenched in the menu of Russian pizzerias, has nothing to do with the Italian counterpart. And, according to many travelers, our product is tastier! Unexpectedly, right? Chefs have long adapted the recipe to Russian taste preferences. And we love pizza with a rich, diverse filling. Italy’s traditional pizza is thin pastry and an even thinner layer of filling with two or three ingredients. To understand why Italian pizza looks like this, you need to turn to history. Continue reading

8 best restaurants in Italy

In Italy, 343 restaurants are marked with a red Michelin guide, of which 8 are awarded 3 stars. Coming in first place, France has 616 Michelin-starred restaurants.

The annual presentation of Guida Michelin Italia once again confirmed the gastronomic superiority of the northern regions over the southern ones. The same trend is also relevant for restaurants with three Michelin stars.

Interestingly, in 7 of the 8 best restaurants the chefs are men. We talk about the best restaurants in Italy, and also offer a comparison of their prices from CupoNation. Continue reading

Forms and types of pasta (part 2)
Lasagne - lasagna. Wide, flat and long pasta. Thin plates come in many sizes. In addition, they have straight or wavy edges. Lasagna is designed for baking in the form…


Restaurant El Invincible
Italy, Rome, Via degli Stefaneschi, 3 00153 Roma, Italia DISPLAY ON THE MAP + (39 06) 688 92 Mon-Fri, Fri, Sat, Sun - open for lunch The restaurant in…


Restaurant Gallo Cedrone
Italy, about. Sicily, Via Alcide de Gasperi, 34 98030 Castelmola ME, ItalySHOW ON MAP Average bill: $ 20-50 (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian + (39 094) 263 20 45…


The best restaurants in Italy
Today in Italy there are about three hundred and seven restaurants that are marked as the best. Among the leaders in restaurants, in the first place is Lombardy. There are…