Parmesan pasta pizza

Restaurant L'Immagine
Italy, Milan, Via Varesina, 61 20156 Milano, Italia DISPLAY ON MAP Average bill: $ 20-50 (per person) Type of cuisine: Italian + (39 239) The restaurant in Milan is…

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Forms and types of pasta (part 1)
Today, the market offers more than 350 types of various forms of pasta. Moreover, their amazing variety can vary from classic tubes to tennisrackets. Almost any significant event in the…

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Restaurant I Tre Pini
Italy, Florence, Florence 50023, Via Imprunetana per Pozzolatico, 134a SHOW ON MAP Average bill: $ 20-50 (per person) Cuisine type: Italian + (39 055) 208 Mon-Sat 19: 00-00: 00,…

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How to cook real Italian pizza?

 Sign up for a pizza workshop in Rome So, we got to the most important thing: the recipe for how to cook real Italian pizza. In 2004, a recipe for a real Neapolitan pizza was published in the official publication of an Italian government newspaper. According to this recipe, real pizza should be thin-crusted. When cooking, only mozzarella cheese and special tomato varieties should be used. As additives, only basil, olive oil, oregano and garlic can be used. If one of these rules was violated during manufacture, the resulting product is not a real Italian pizza. It is also worth mentioning that real pizza is cooked on coals in a real Italian oven, where the temperature holds 485 degrees and pizza is baked there in 2 minutes. However, today this rule is rarely followed. The recipe and an easy way to make Margarita pizza.
For a good pizza you need to make a good dough first. We take yeast (7 g.) And sugar (1 tbsp. Spoon), place them in a bowl and mix with water (4 tbsp. Tablespoons), leave for 15 minutes in a warm place.
Mix the flour (350 gr.) With salt (1 tbsp. Spoon) and make a hole in the center, add olive oil (1 tbsp. Spoon), yeast mixture and 170-180 gr. hot water (60 degrees C). Knead the dough with a wooden spoon. Next, put the dough on the table and knead with your hands for about 5 minutes. Continue reading

Types of pizza, composition and recipes

Depending on the size of the pizza, the amount of dough and toppings changes, but the ratio of ingredients remains approximately the same. Ingredients of Margarita pizza: pizza dough, tomatoes, cheese (mozzarella), tomato paste, olive oil, dry basil, parmesan, salt, pepper and fresh basil leaves. Four Seasons Pizza is the most popular pizza in the world. About the Four Seasons pizza (Quattro staggioni) it is known that it existed in 1660. Then lived in Naples, one cook who cooked delicious pizza. One fine day, he had the idea to make pizza with a wide variety of ingredients. The culinary specialist selected his favorite foods: tomatoes, seafood, ham and mushrooms. However, the question arose: how to put all this variety on a layer of dough, without making vinaigrette from pizza? Continue reading

The history of pizza

How did pizza come about? Similar dishes already existed among the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were dishes laid out on slices of bread. Bread with additives of meat, cheese, olives, vegetables, dairy products was included in rations for Roman legionnaires. It was the food of both the patricians and the plebeians. Roman Mark Apicius in the 1st century BC wrote a book in which recipes of the “ancestors” of modern pizza were given. Olive oil, cheese, pieces of chicken meat, mint, nuts, garlic, pepper were placed on the dough in various combinations. The word pizza itself is close to the words piazza (square) piatto (plate). In 1522, tomatoes were brought to Europe and in Italy they began to cook almost classic pizza. In the 17th century, special people appeared who cook pizza for peasants. They are called pizzaiolo (pizzaiolo). Continue reading

Russian or Italian pizza ?!

Russian pizza became popular in the 1990s, when foreign goods began to arrive on the market.

In Russian pizza, pizza pizza uses a wide variety of ingredients. The most important thing in Russian pizza is the correctly prepared dough. With regards to pizza additives, there are no criteria here, you can give free rein to your imagination. Mostly Russian pizza uses meat and vegetable additives. Seafood pizza has become very popular. Do not forget about the sauce, which is also the most diverse. These are tomato, creamy sauces, pesto sauce, sauces with the addition of various herbs.

As for the size of Russian pizza, there are no standards. Continue reading

Pizza Features

To date, anyone can order pizza by phone or by filling out an online application – there is no shortage of pizzerias and online cafes for more than 10 years. About half an hour – and the courier will deliver pizza to your home, office or even to a bench near the entrance, in some extreme cases, pizzerias take orders even to parks and other public places located on the street.

Pizza a long time ago – has long ceased to be only an Italian dish, as it is cooked in different corners of the globe in different ways. Although it is still believed that the most delicious pizza is cooked directly in Italy. Well, if we talk about pizza as a worldwide dish, we can say the following, for example, due to the large number of emigrants to the United States, pizza was also widespread in this country, becoming a favorite dish of many Americans. Continue reading

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